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Use Electronic Cigarettes to Save a Lot of Money Smoking is popularly recognized as an addiction and is also considered as one of the unhealthy lifestyles done by the person who loves smoking, but as to most smokers they tend to feel energized and satisfy their craving from lighting up and puffing out smoke from a cigarette stick. There are a lot of manufacturing companies that produces the finest cigarettes in the world and most of them are earning a higher income than the other kinds of businesses since almost all of the people in the world are addicted to this kind of products. Cigarettes are made up of the leave of a tobacco plant which is finely cut and rolled up in a thin paper into a shape of a stick and this product is really addictive because of the nicotine substance found in the tobacco leaves. There are other kinds of tobacco tools or products that are used in the practice of smoking, such as the cigars which are the same as a cigarette but are much bigger in size and the pipes which are one of the devices produced and used in smoking tobacco products. Other than these equipment and products, there are also a number of accessories used in order to completely practice the act of smoking and are also commonly used by the smoker, some of the examples are silent butlers, cigar box, cigarette cases, matchbox, lighter, cigar and cigarette holders, pipe cleaners, pipe tampers, tobacco cutters and many other. Some of our modern innovators and scientist has produced a new device and product for smoking which aims to help the people with addiction to smoke to change their lifestyle and bad habits and used the electronic cigarette or e-cig instead. An electronic cigarette is a device which is designed to focus mainly on people with tobacco addiction and it looks the same and functions the same with a cigarette since the individual can still produce smoke by breathing in a vaporized flavored liquid and can puff it out of your mouth, but it has no nicotine or tobacco content. An e-cig is definitely beneficial to all individuals, especially to the ones who decided to quit smoking tobaccos because of its function which is the same as a cigarette since most of the smoker are used to doing the puffing of smoke. Based on the recent study it shows that the individual who uses electronic cigarettes instead of buying a pack of cigarette are capable of saving a lot of money, since nowadays most of the branded cigarette products are being sold in a higher price, thought at first an individual will eventually thought that an e-cig is much expensive but once they used it every day they will eventually found out that they could really save a lot of money since it will end up to be a lot more cheaper than buying a pack of branded cigarettes everyday. Another reason why using an e-cig could help the individual to save a lot of money is that it could prevent this certain individual from paying any hospital bills which can be caused by the addiction to smoking such as lung diseases, throat diseases and many more which can be acquired from tobacco addiction.

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